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Following a Second Hearing, Bundy Village is Approved by Planning Commission

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With the height of one of buildings scaled down and assurances of traffic mitigations and streetscape improvements, the Bundy Village project in West LA---a development that proposes senior housing and a medical plaza at Bundy Drive and Olympic Boulevard--was approved today by the Planning Commission, which had previously asked developer Stonebridge for modifications at a hearing last month. In addressing the traffic issue voiced by opponents, one commissioner noted: "Progress means that we are all inconvenienced," while another commissioner added: "I think we have a much better project this time than we had last time." Opposition to the development had not eased, however, and protesters held a rally on the site earlier this week. Additionally, lobbyist Benjamin Reznik from law firm Jeffer Mangels once again showed up before the Commission to argue against the project, telling the city panel they'd be approving a medical plaza without really knowing what services would be offered. Another concerned opponent voiced concerns that a psychiatric hospital could move into the space. With the Commission's approval, the project heads to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee. Given the players involved, a lawsuit to stop the project would not be surprising.
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