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Pacific Legal Foundation Joins Venice RV Legal Battle

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Images via Pacific Legal Foundation
Add another party to the legal battle between Venice homeowners, the city of Los Angeles, and the Coastal Commission over those Venice RVs: The Pacific Legal Foundation, a conservative Sacramento-based legal organization that has a history with the Commission, has decided to jump in the pool, too. The Foundation has announced its intention to file "friend of the court" briefs in support of the Venice Stakeholders Association, the residents who wanted overnight parking districts to regulate the RVs. As the Times reported last year, VSA sued the California Coastal Commission last year after the Commission opted out of getting involved, so hence, didn't restrict the overnight parking districts. And as the Times asked: "Does the state coastal panel have the legal authority to determine where people can and cannot park in coastal areas?" The Pacific Legal Foundation weighs in on their web site.
· Coastal Commission Can’t Stop Localities from Protecting Residents from Nuisances [Pacific Legal Foundation]