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Glendale's Troubled Grand View Memorial Park Can Now Be Restored

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The horror show that is the mishandling of Glendale's Grand View Memorial Park, which has been closed since 2006, appears to be ending with a judge's approval of $3.8-million settlement, according to the Glendale News Press. The settlement was first announced last fall. From an older News Press story:

"Family members of people buried at the cemetery filed multiple lawsuits and a class-action lawsuit against the cemetery after state investigators in October 2005 found the remains of 4,000 people at Grand View that were not properly disposed of or buried.

The lawsuit alleged that cemetery workers buried remains in grave sites that were already occupied; disinterred remains and intermixed them with others; and converted single-burial grave sites into multiple burial."

According to today's story, the cemetery will be restored soon and likely put up for purchase (the older owners were removed). “The big unanswered question is who is going to buy the cemetery,” Paul Ayers, one of the plaintiff attorneys, tells the paper.
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