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Money For VDL Research House Roof, Chinatown Gates, Warner Grand Paint

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Back in October we mentioned that the National Trust for Historic Preservation had started up a new grant program for historic preservation projects in Los Angeles, and yesterday the organization announced the twelve inaugural recipients. The Community Redevelopment Agency got $10,000 for their project to fix up the east and west gateways in Chinatown. They'll use the money to hire a historic architect, repair the dry-rotted wood, and paint the gates. The Cal Poly Pomona Foundation won $10,000 for their Neutra VDL Studio and Residence in Silver Lake. The place has been hurting for a new roof, and the grant should put a small dent in their $120,000 goal. Details for the roof nerds: "grant funds will be used to prevent further water damage by removing existing roofing membranes and flashings, repairing damaged structural joists, and performing wall repairs. The existing coal tar roof will be replaced with a flexible U.V. resistant elastomeric compound and covered with gravel ballast to match the historic roofs."

Other winners include the Grand Vision Foundation, which was awarded $7,700 to address paint delamination at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, and the Torrance Historical Society and Museum, which won $10,000 to kickstart a preservation program for the city. The Maravilla Historical Society, which has been working to save East LA's oldest handball court, won $2,000 to hire a consultant to help them create a business plan for the court and the neighboring El Centro Grocery. All the winners and details are here. [Image via National Trust for Historic Preservation]
· Inaugural Los Angeles County Preservation Fund Awards Announced [National Trust for Historic Preservation]

Neutra VDL Research House

2300 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA