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Brick Condos, A New Theater, and a Tarp Live On in Pasadena

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Brigham Yen's Pasadena blog covers on-going construction on the Livingstone project, a 32-unit revamp of a former hotel that's being done by developer Povac Investments (looks like realtor Yen is working at selling the units). There's 25 one-bedrooms, between 650 and 800 square feet, half a dozen two-bedrooms running between 1,000 and 1,200 square feet, and one 2,700 square foot penthouse that going for $1.5 million, all "a 3 minute walk away from Macy’s and Paseo Colorado." The remodels and upgrades currently underway should finish by early summer. This project is about a mile east of the contentious Ambassador West project--groundbreaking early next year--that will bring almost 100 new units of housing to the area; 1960s-era classrooms and offices that were part of the now shuttered Ambassador College will meet the wrecking ball in the process. Contentious, smentious. At least these projects are moving along, unlike the tarp-draped Catania project that's a hop, skip, and a jump from the Ambassador site. And in other Pasadena news, Yen last week picked up the story that a new repertory company is breaking ground next month on a new $13 million, John Berry-designed theater that will be part of a transit development that includes The Stuart apartments and located adjacent to the Gold Line terminus.

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