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West Hollywood's Patio Del Moro Listed for Sale

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If you've been saving up over the last decade or so, and have squirreled away $6.49 million, the entire Patio Del Moro complex in West Hollywood has just been listed for sale. Located at 8225 Fountain, the 1925 complex was designed by husband and wife team Arthur and Nina Zwebell. The listing for the complex--which has 7 units--is being pitched as an existing rental property, a bed and breakfast, or simply your own big home, among other suggestions. But yes, you can move out the tenants and take over the whole place if you want. And if the property sounds familiar, it's because those units belonging to Charlie Chaplin and his lover Paulette Goddard were featured last year, while Blogger Ugly Angel has reported that Joan Fontaine, Humphrey Bogart, and Suzanne Pleshette lived in this "pink Moorish-fortress." While not yet on their web site, the listing agency is Westlake Village-based Hanes Investment.
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