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Angels Flight Opening by April 15th, Says Railway President

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the state committee which oversees all safety issues pertaining to downtown's Angels Flight, has finished safety inspections of the stalled funicular. Per a letter sent out today to various media outlets by the CPUC, the Bunker Hill mini-railway is now cleared to resume operations. Angels Flight Railway Foundation president John Welborne tells us that there are some minor details to work out, but that the railway should be up and running on or around the week of April 15th. "I expect it to be running on April 15th," said Welborne, adding that it could open days earlier. A 2001 fatal accident closed down the ride, and there's been much speculation about when the 107-year-old funicular would open again. We've never heard Welborne give an actual date for a re-opening, so we're gonna hold the man to his word. UPDATE: Here's the letter sent by the CPUC. (pdf)
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