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Meeting Museo Lofts, AIA/LA Home Tours

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MIRACLE MILE: The hammering around Wilshire Boulevard continues. This is Museo Lofts, a 52-unit condo project located at 600 S. Ridgeley Drive. Brought to you by the same people behind Universal Lofts and Studio 837, it'll be done in the next month or so, and is expected to be priced in the $400,000s and up. More on the Museo as it progresses. In the meantime, maybe you want to roll around the web site. [Curbed Staff]

Tickets are now on sale for the April 11th AIA|LA Home Tour. According to the web site, the tour will feature homes by Barbara Bestor, Trevor Abramson, Patrick Tighe, and Glen Irani. Learn all about it. [AIA]

Museo Lofts

600 S. Ridgeley Drive, los angeles