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Jailed Over Illegal Supergraphic, Business Owner Awaits Arraignment

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A $1 million mistake? The illegal supergraphic
The huge news over the weekend was that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich arrested Kayvan Setareh, a 49-year-old businessman from Pacific Palisades, on Friday night for allegedly putting up an illegal supergraphic at the corner of Hollywood and Highland (seen above). A judge set the bail at a whopping $1 million for Setareh, who was still in jail as of this morning, according to ABC7, which reports that "legal experts believe Trutanich set Setareh's bail at $1 million to make an example of the businessman." UPDATE: Bail reduced, Setereh agreed to take down the sign.

According to the LA Times, officials believe Setareh, who is said to have an ownership interest in the building, put up the supergraphic so television cameras airing this week's 82nd annual Academy Awards would pick up the image (the awards are held at the nearby Kodak Theater). He had been warned against putting up the graphic in the days leading up his arrest, the city attorney's office told the paper. With Setareh's arraignment scheduled for either today or tomorrow, let's see if Trutanich makes the guy do a perp walk in front of the cameras.
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