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High-Speed Rail to Take Out Buena Park Development?

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Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times ran the latest story on disenchantment over California's high-speed rail endeavor, specifically concern over the possible use of public funds to spur private investment in building the line--the 2008 ballot initiative that paved the way for $9 billion in bonds stipulated that no local, state, or federal subsidies would be required to keep the trains running. Studies citing higher ticket prices and lower patronage than previously believed are also ruffling feathers. On a local level, Metrolink and Orange County officials are stressing over news that a two-and-a-half-year-old Metrolink housing development may have to get the heave-ho to make way for the bullet train. The transit-oriented development, which won a housing award in 2008, currently includes townhomes, a housing complex called Lakeside, and is nearby to a housing community owned by Cal State Fullerton. Buena Park councilman Art Brown told the LAT that a high-speed rail representative told local officials, "We either take the condominiums or we take your station." Planners are studying the Buena Park issue, but it remains unresolved. High-speed rail officials say issues of money and planning are typical for an infrastructure project in the tens of billions of dollars. [Image via]
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Dale Street and Malvern Avenue, Buena Park, CA