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OpEd: University Gateway Apartments Not Afforable Enough

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Writing an Op-Ed in the Daily Trojan, Lucy Mueller wonders who'll be able to afford living in the under-construction University Gateway Apartments at Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street. The developer may have gone to "many lengths to present the complex as the next frontier in student housing, including elaborate feats of advertising featuring, among other things, miniature ponies on campus. But all the fanfare doesn’t detract from one of Gateway’s largest flaws — the price tag.

With a monthly rent in the neighborhood of roughly $1,064 per person in a double bedroom space, Gateway threatens to be Tuscany 2.0, an apartment complex that caters to a very specific student demographic. Those not able to shell out the cash necessary to secure a spot are left in a precarious position." The project should be done next year, according to the article, although previous articles stated it would open this year. Leasing began last year.
· Housing issue is improving, but still shoddy [Daily Trojan]

University Gateway Apartments

Jefferson Boulevard and Figueroa Street, los angeles