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Free Money Inspires Los Angeles' Activists and Urbanists

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In strange bedfellows news, Pepsi has teamed up with GOOD Magazine to give out up to 32 grants every month this year for projects dedicated to making "a positive impact in the community." Proposals are split up into six categories, including Food & Shelter, Arts & Culture, and Neighborhoods, and can be eligible for $250,000; $50,000; $25,000; and $5,000 grants. Winners are selected by online voting (which means finalists are kind of all over the place--check out last month's here). Today is the beginning of the third month of the project. Fishbowl LA points us to cicLAvia's app; the bikers want $50,000 to pilot their plan to close off seven and a half miles of LA streets on Sunday morning.

There are a whole bunch of interesting LA proposals: The Watts House Project is asking for $50,000 to help Watts residents build ten windmills in their neighborhood. The Thai Community Development Center wants $250,000 to open a public marketplace around the Hollywood and Western Metro station. LA Commons wants $50,000 to create large-scale public art based on stories from neighborhood residents in Chinatown, Highland Park, Leimert Park, Little Armenia, MacArthur Park, and Thai Town. Zócalo Public Square is asking for $50,000, to put on five free events "exploring Los Angeles' role in the world." And LACMA is looking for $250,000 to launch EAT LACMA, to educate locals about "food, art, and culture," and local and sustainable agriculture. Voting on all of these projects is open until March 31.
· Pepsi Refresh Project [Official Site]

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