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Bail Reduced, Setareh Agrees to Take Down Supergraphic

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Bail for Kayvan Setareh, the Hollywood businessman accused of putting up a supergraphic at Hollywood and Highland, was reduced from $1 million to $100,000 at a court hearing today, according to city attorney press spokesman John Franklin. "His bail was reduced, and for that to happen, he had to agree to have the sign removed,” said Franklin, adding the sign will be coming down today and tomorrow. Removal of the supergraphic can only happen at night given how busy this area is, according to Franklin. Meanwhile, for those wondering why the city didn't just take down the sign themselves, it's worth pointing out that in previous illegal supergraphic cases, officials have stated it's too dangerous to just go in and remove the signs--which can weigh up to 5,000 pounds--themselves. Additionally, there are liability issues if the building is damaged during removal. Setareh will reappear in court later this month to face three misdemeanor charges. Meanwhile, via the Associated Press, Setareh's attorney is speaking out in defense of his client. "Setareh's attorney, Andrew Stein, says he has seen no evidence that his client ordered the ad. Arraignment was postponed until March 30."
· Man agrees to remove huge ad from Hollywood site [AP]