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"Companion to Los Angeles," Loft Appeal Store Files for Chapter 7

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LOS ANGELES: Every month, Los Angeles magazine compiles a list of LA-centric books (about LA or by area authors) that are about to be released. Notable this month: A book about Venice bungalows and "A Companion to Los Angeles" (Wiley-Blackwell). The description: "Twenty-five scholars and writers, including Los Angeles magazine Contributing Writer Josh Kun, interrogate the complex history of L.A." It's out March 8th. [LA Mag]

ARTS DISTRICT: The latest saga in the drama over on Hewitt Street: Loft Appeal, which is moving out of its space as we speak, filed for Chapter 7 last week. Loft Appeal's Richard Reames says just the location, not the whole company, filed, so the Hill Street store will continue operating. [Curbed Staff]