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Smelly & Seized Sports Star House in Thousand Oaks

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Stars: They're just like us! They trash their seized homes before bailing! Lenny Dykstra, former Mets and Phillies star, bought this six bedroom, eight bathroom house in 2007 from hockey's Great One, Wayne Gretzky. According to Redfin, he paid $18.5 million. Dykstra filed for bankruptcy last summer and a trustee is now selling off his assets, including the Richard Landry-designed house and its three guest houses in the Sherwood Country Club Estates. And while according to Reuters it's being sold as is, it has already been cleaned up a little. A rep for American Holdings & Land Inc. tells the news service his company was hired to restore a drain line that had been leaking raw sewage, and that "The home was littered throughout with empty beer bottles, trash, dog feces and urine and other unmentionables." That "other unmentionables" strikes fear in the heart, doesn't it? They also eliminated some kind of unspecified odor. According to Business Insider, Dykstra tried to sell the house last year for $25 million. Now the trustee is looking for $14.9 million. BI adds that these photos are pre-trashing, from the Gretzky era.
· 1072 NEWBERN Ct [Redfin]
· Dykstra home, left a mess, on market for $14.9 million [Reuters]

1072 Newbern Ct., Thousand Oaks, CA