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Pomona To Stand in For Florida, Get Bollywood Star

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Folks in Pomona are all fired up following news that a movie will be shot in their city, a process that'll include the filming of an elaborate dance scene. Last week, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported that the city had agreed to cover business-license fees for roughly 20 days of filming for the film "described as romantic comedy about a volunteer coordinator for the Barack Obama campaign who falls in love with her counterpart from the John McCain campaign. It is set in central Florida." Somewhat inexplicably, there's a Bollywood dance scene that'll take place. The paper reports the scene, inspired by the dance scene in "Slumdog Millionaire," will feature a famous Indian actress. "One of its principal actresses will be Mallika Sherawat, who Turrow described Monday as a successful Indian actress along the lines of Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie." According to the paper, filming is expected to start today. And more about why Pomona was chosen: "One reason Pomona was selected was because 'it has a feel for middle America' and what people imagine 'the spirit of America' looks like," according to one of the producers of the film.
· Pomona grants fees to land movie production [SGVT]