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Facebooking the US, Living the Socalistan Dream

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Programmer Pete Warden has collected data on 210 million public Facebook profiles, and looked at the connections between places that share friends, drawing a line between communities. "For example, a lot of people in LA have friends in San Francisco, so there's a line between them." Our neck of the woods (roughly California) has been named Socalistan: "Sorry Bay Area folks, but LA is definitely the center of gravity for this cluster. Almost everywhere in California and Nevada has links to both LA and SF, but LA is usually first. Part of that may be due to the way the cities are split up, but in tribute to the 8 years I spent there, I christened it Socalistan. Californians outside the super-cities tend to be most connected to other Californians, making almost as tight a cluster as Greater Texas." Profile-wise, we have friends in the OC and NYC, and we like Michael Jackson, Starbucks, and Megan Fox.
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