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Councilman Rosendahl Says He's Supporting Bundy Village

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Via Bundy Village

Those protesters who woke up early this morning to wave signs at Bundy Drive and Olympic Boulevard will be interested in this news: City Councilman Bill Rosendahl said this afternoon that he's backing Bundy Village, developer Stonebridge Holdings' proposed West LA medical plaza and housing development. "I strongly believe in housing and medical facilities for seniors... My population is aging, and the idea of having housing and health care in the same building is a win-win." As for the traffic issue, he heaped some of the blame on development in Santa Monica. "I'd hate to throw away senior care and housing because we are in a gridlock situation that isn’t our making," he said, referring to traffic spilling over from Santa Monica.

At the same time, Rosendahl, whose district the project falls in, said Stonebridge Holdings would continue meeting with the community about the size of the development. But the politician's support of the project is key given that the development likely wouldn't be built without it.

We also caught up with Stonebridge president Michael Lombardi, who said even if his project gets entitled, he wouldn't be surprised if he faces a lawsuit from neighbors over the project. A CEQA lawsuit seems to be par of the course when building on the Westside, he told us. Meanwhile, it doesn't sound like the funding details on the project are worked out yet. The Planning Commission will consider the development on Thursday.
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