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Blame Bad Math: Parking Reduction for Culver City Project Nixed

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Last week, the Culver City Council was discussing a request for an "administrative modification" to a proposed development that would add 6,000 square feet of office and residential space on top of the Citizen building in downtown. The modification would allow for property owners to operate with "six parking space instead of the seven required by existing code," reports the Culver City News. The City's Community Development Director Sol Blumenfeld said at the council meeting that the modification was granted because it didn't create a parking reduction of more than 10% of the requirement. The city's Vice Mayor Christopher Armenta felt differently: "The last time I checked my math, technically, a one-seventh reduction is over 10%." The Culver City News reports that the "catch" led to an "awkward silence, followed by City Manager Mark Scott's admission that the council has strong grounds to appeal the decision and give it further review." And appeal they did--unanimously. [Image via]
· Appeal Waged on Downtown Project [Culver City News]