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Dancing on Los Angeles Architecture Has Found a Hall-of-Famer

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Choreographers, landscape architects, and goofballs have really taken the whole "dancing about architecture" thing as a challenge. The LA Times profiles Heidi Duckler, who, with her Collage Dance Theatre, has made dancing on LA landmarks her life's work, choreographing pieces for the Santa Monica Civic Library, the Lincoln Heights Jail, and the fountains at both Loyola Marymount and California Plaza. Her 2000 work "subVersions" was set at the Subway Terminal Building, 2002's "Cover Story" was set at the Herald-Examiner Building, and in 2003 she created "Sleeping With the Ambassador" for the hotel that would be demolished a few years later.

In 2006 she convinced city police officers to dance in "C'opera," and in 1995 she convinced dancers to go into the LA River for "Mother Ditch." Brave! She's also choreographed "Eye to Eye" for moveable sets designed by architect Scott Johnson of Johnson Fain, and next weekend she debuts an installation for the Studio Pali Fekete Architects gallery space in Culver City.

Ok, we think Duckler's covered more of the city than we have at this point. And now she's headed for City Hall. In November "Governing Bodies" will show off the building's architectural details, which Duckler told the LAT "were begging to be animated."

(If you need a quicker dancing on City Hall fix, the building's steps recently appeared, along with many other concrete bits of LA, in Mia Doi Todd's "Open Your Heart" video, directed by the ever-genius Michel Gondry.) [Image via Facebook]
· Collage Dance Theatre [Official Site]
· For Heidi Duckler, it's location, location, location [LAT]

Los Angeles City Hall

200 North Spring Street, , CA 90012