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Dwell-Mocking Blog On the Fast Track to Stardom

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Unhappy Hipsters, the blog that writes the subtext to Dwell spreads, is blowing up. Both the New York Times and the LA Times' architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne have been compelled enough to try to figure out who is it who sees so deeply into the stark, sharp-angled souls of Modernism-lovers. According to Hawthorne, designers and design writers are "busy taking bets -- via Twitter (where @unhappyhipsters now has more than 5,000 followers), Facebook and e-mail -- on the identity of Unhappy Hipsters' creators," and he adds that he has his own guesses. The NYT found out that the writers are two women, a writer and a graphic designer, who wouldn't reveal their identities because of their jobs. So they're creatives who are employed, which actually should narrow it down quite a bit.

As for the site's obsession, the writers gave the same quote to both papers: "Oh, miserable modernist -- you picked the concrete floors and the gravel yard; at least pretend you like it." The NYT says Dwellers and ex-Dwellers seem to get a kick out of it, but Hawthorne laments that, in its second week, "the focus has...begun to drift away from residential architecture, with the addition this week of a picture showing an academic building at Caltech by Frederick Fisher & Partners." So with declarations of "their older stuff was better" already in play, we assume we'll be back later in the week to tell you about the inevitable book deal.
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