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Infamous Silver Lake Digital Billboard Off (For Now)

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The Ban Billboard Blight blog reports that the Silver Lake digital billboard that went up last year--the one that made some people in the neighborhood go nuts--has gone dark. Via BBB: "[City Councilman] Garcetti said Clear Channel had voluntarily agreed to turn off the billboard. He said he didn’t know if the company intended to keep it off permanently, but an informed source told us that the company wants to relocate the billboard to another area in the Silverlake community." Hmmm. Did Clear Channel turn off the billboard because they aren't getting any advertisers due to the economy? Plus, this is the same site where Clear Channel really didn't know their market. When the billboard launched, it flashed ads for Sean John clothing and the Pussycat Dolls' latest CD. You would have done better with ads for organic dog food and yoga clothing, Clear Channel.
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