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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dungeon in Woodland Hills?

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When we spied the exterior of this eight-bedroom, seven-and-half bath we consulted with an expert to try to figure out what exactly was going on, architecturally-speaking. Neoclassical Revival columns and balustrades, she thought. Mediterranean roof. French-inspired quoins flanking the entrance. The mashed-up exterior didn't even hint at the wonders to be found inside. But here's our dirty little secret. We sort of love it. It's a fine line between something truly hideous and something that is actually secretly spectacular. What's the difference? Like the Supreme Court definition of pornography, we can't explain it. We only know it when we see it. With a "palace" this majestic, we can only imagine the dungeon that lies beneath. According to the listing, the house was "designed by top industry designers and transformed into a true royal mediteranean palace with no expense spared." The designers also had "a meticulous approach to fine details that created the emotional and rich ambience this palace exudes." The owner, who was profiled in the NY Times a decade ago for quitting yeshiva to become a tech millionaire at the age of 18, is also hoping to make a hefty profit on this investment. Purchased in 2007 for $2.25 million, today's asking price is $6.5 million or $801 per square foot. That's almost triple neighborhood comps.
· 5223 Winnetka Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91364 [Redfin]

5223 Winnetka Ave Woodland Hills, CA 91364