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Bridge to Brentwood Ferrari/Maserati Garage Threatened

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We were sure the child endangerment folks would get there first, but no, it's the West Los Angeles Planning Commission that's going after product designer Holger Schubert's replica of Cameron's dad's garage from Ferris Bueller. On Wednesday the planners granted an appeal by Schubert's neighbors that withdraws permission for the bridge that connects the garage (which is on the third floor of the hillside building) with the street. The neighbors claim the bridge sets a bad precedent for hillside neighborhoods and is potentially dangerous, Schubert says they're just mad his remodel's been going on for five years. According to the LA Times, if Schubert doesn't get a zoning variance for the bridge or take the matter to court, the city can make him tear it down.

Schubert has told the story of searching 11 years for his prized 1984 Ferrari in more than one LAT article now. We hope the Maserati and Architectural Digest people, who gave the garage their Design Driven award, don't come after him next.
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