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Live Like a "Snow White" Animator in Los Feliz

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An article in next month's Vanity Fair profiles the young women who worked long days painting and inking the early Disney cartoons at the studio's "higgledy-piggledy collection of buildings on Hyperion Avenue." During production for Snow White, the world's first cel-animated feature, "it was not at all unusual to see the 'girls'—as Walt paternalistically referred to them—thin and exhausted, collapsed on the lawn, in the ladies’ lounge, or even under their desks." Here's your big chance to see if there are still thin parts in the grass--a two bedroom, one bathroom guesthouse at the back of the Hyperion lot is up for rent (the listing claims it was Disney's animation bungalow). The house is 1,100 square feet, and has 14 foot ceilings, four skylights, and a washer/dryer. Rent is $2,450, which on a thirties-era inker's starting salary of $16 a week would be frankly untenable.
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