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Utility Yard for Hewitt Street Probably Unlikely

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Following all that hubbub about whether the Department of Water and Power or another company was either leasing or buying the Hewitt Street property across from Barker Block Lofts, we caught up with City Councilman Jose Huizar's press spokesperson Rick Coca, who also said he'd be contacted by a worried constituent (is there any other kind?) about what was coming into the area. Asked about the Department of Water and Power, Coca said the agency is currently looking around for office space--and not industrial space, but so-called white collar office space . But Coca said he didn't know if the DWP was considering the Hewitt Street space. A spokesperson for the DWP declined to comment, saying the company never comments on real estate deals until they actually happen. Meanwhile, Coca stressed that community outreach with locals about the best use of the space would be ongoing. And there's your pre-weekend Hewitt St. update, folks.
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