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Spring Street Clearing, W Residences Timeline

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DOWNTOWN: Reader Sticky pointed out that the space between the Rowan and El Dorado buildings on Spring Street has been cleared of construction equipment. According to Downtown Properties' Bill Stevenson, who developed both buildings, the entire 30,000 square feet area, which is owned by the city, will be used as a parking lot (part of the area is currently used as a lot) till that new park comes in. Ka-ching, city. And Eva Kandarpa, press secretary for City Councilwoman Jan Perry, tells us that ground-breaking for the pocket park is about 8-10 months away. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: Last week, there was all that coverage of the W Hotel rooms, but since the residences aren't done, there were no photos of where people will actually live. Via a press rep, news that the residences will be opening in mid-late March. [Curbed Inbox]

El Dorado Lofts

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