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"Custom Contemporary" In Baldwin Hills

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Ever wonder what you would get if you crossed a "Miami Vice"-era drug kingpin's pad with Frank Lloyd Wright? No? It turns out you get a hot mess. This three-bedroom, three-bath REO in Baldwin Hills is currently marketed as an "entertainer's delight." The three-story home was apparently "built by a former professional Los Angeles basketball player" and includes a pool, three fireplaces and three balconies. A tipster tells us the former owner was Benoit Benjamin, who played for the Clippers when this house was built. There's also a five person shower, a spa tub and "his and her closets" (maybe it should be "his and her and her and her and her closets considering the shower). The listing warns the property is sold as is. The house was last sold in 2004 for $699,000 and prior to that, for $312,000 in 1998. Today's asking price: $734,900 or $257 per square foot. We just can't figure out who would buy this when there's this sweet mid-century house just a few blocks away.
· 4570 Don Ricardo Dr Los Angeles, CA 90008 [Redfin]

4570 Don Ricardo Dr Los Angeles, CA 90008