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Jeff Lewis-Renovated "Hacienda" In Bel Air

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Located just down the road from the Robert Byrd house that sold earlier this week, is this four-bedroom, three-bath home recently renovated by "Flipping Out's" Jeff Lewis. We don't watch the show (hey, it's no "Million Dollar Listing") but according to Wikipedia,

this was a remodel for "Jackie" in Season 3, of a 60-70's Spanish house in Bel Air, CA. Jeff quotes this to be "One of the most expensive zip codes in los Angeles." The budget was $100,000. After many problems with Jackie not paying for her remodel on time, Jeff paid the contractors out of his own pocket until she could come up with the money. The house is now completed and Jeff and his workers were finally compensated.
According to the listing, the house features "authentic carved wood doors," an open floor plan, a fireplace in the living room, marble counter tops in the kitchen and hardwood floors. The owner bought the house in 2005 for $1.618 million and seems to be hoping for a hefty profit. Today's asking price: $2.175 million or $852 per square foot. According to Redfin, comps are $529 per square foot.
· 940 N Stradella Rd Los Angeles, CA 90077 [Redfin]

940 N Stradella Rd Los Angeles, CA 90077