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More on the Ins and Outs of New Starts Funding

Saying there was more to the story, commenters beat us up over that post on Metro's New Starts Funding. Indeed. First off, officials will continue to seek funds for local transit projects. Here's more of The Source's coverage of the topic. And here's a comment left on the site from Jody Litvak, Metro Westside Subway Extension Team: "Just to clarify, the only local transit projects that have been authorized to seek federal New Starts funds are the Regional Connector and the Westside Subway Extension. While neither has a Full Funding Grant Agreement with the FTA yet, we are doing much of the preliminary work with that agency toward that end. Pursuing federal New Starts funds is a highly competitive process and the Metro Board determined that these 2 projects were the ones with the best chance of meeting the federal funding guidelines. Both are assumed to receive about half their funding from the federal government with Measure R supplying the balance." She urges everyone interested in following funding of those projects to follow along via Metro's site or the Facebook sites for "Metro Westside Subway Extension" or "Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project."
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