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Hewitt Street Drama Continues: Who Is Moving In?

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Never a dull day in the Arts District, is it? In the latest round of drama on Hewitt Street, residents say that someone has plastered hysterical-sounding signs around the Barker Block complex, warning locals that developer Howard Klein, who purchased the Hewitt Street brick building from KOR Group last fall, is planning to flip the property and sell it to the Department of Water and Power. The "warnings" seem intended to scare locals, some of whom have voiced concerns about the fate of the building, which is located directly across from Barker Block, and which has seen some tenant drama as of late. Asked about the signs, Matt Klein, a property manager at HBK Investments and Howard Klein's son, replied via email: "We have had considerable interest from numerous parties to lease for a variable of uses, as well as parties interested in a possible purchase. All parties that have expressed an interest have uses compatible with the area. We are considering all our options and have not yet decided our direction." Klein didn't reply to a follow-up email asking if the DWP was one of those tenants or buyers under consideration.

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