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Koreatowners Fight to Turn Dusty Lot into Park

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Once envisioned as the home of a 40-story "landmark" tower before developers cut their losses and sold it, the 2.2 acre lot at Hobart, between Wilshire and 7th, may become much-needed green space if locals have their way--though they'll have to cut through rolls of red tape first. Supporters of the park, including the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance, a local neighborhood group, are fuming after City Councilman Herb Wesson didn't include 3670 Wilshire on a list of potential parks that the city is submitting for Proposition 84 park funds.

Why? According to Wesson spokesman Edward Johnson, it's too early in the process, and that the KIWA and other locals pushing for the park have not vetted their proposal at 3670 with the Community Redevelopment Agency, neighborhood councils, or the LAPD. "There may be public safety concerns and homeless issues... There needs to be more vetting and outreach. A lot of questions still need to be answered." Johnson said the council's list of potential parks requesting Prop. 84 funds include a space at Hoover and Wilshire, near Lafayette Park (which itself is near MacArthur Park, and would probably be considered Westlake as opposed to KTown). Johnson said Wesson wants more parks for ultra-dense KTown and will be speaking to members of the KIWI this week about pushing forward the 3670 plan, with hopes it will be added to the list, which the council plans to approve soon and send off to Sacramento.
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