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Palatial French Estate in Bel Air Brings On The Bling

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When we first saw this 14 bedroom, 16.5 bath estate in Bel Air, we were rendered speechless. We had no speech. And not in the good way. All we could think was why would anyone want to live like Marie Antoinette by way of the Sultan on Brunei on a Vegas bender? WHY? It's more confounding than last night's premiere of "LOST." (An alternate reality? Really? Now there are TWICE as many ways for everyone to suffer?) Speaking of suffering, check out that bedroom. It looks like it was shoved into a hallway, albeit a rather elaborate hallway. According to the listing, the estate is sited on two contiguous parcels. The main house has a "spectacular reception area, formal dining room for large scale entertaining and dramatic great room/theatre with balconies." There's also a two-story guest house that overlooks the pool and has two separate apartments. Additionally, there's a separate gym with spa, fountains, koi pond and gardens. Asking price is $29.5 million and there is an additional 30,060 square foot parcel available for another $6.5 million.
· 10425 Revuelta Way Los Angeles, CA 90077 [Redfin]

10425 Revuelta Way Los Angeles, CA 90077