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'67 Chevy May Not Save City, But How About Auctioning off Reggie?

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Our tireless leaders at City Hall are currently debating whether to cut 1,000 city jobs, and boy oh boy, they're in a terrible spot. If they go ahead with the cuts, they alienate themselves from voters, and if they kick the can down the road, the city is even more in the red. It's stressful times like this that politicians really shine, and thankfully, City Councilman Jose Huizar is thinking outside the box, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Huizar said the city should borrow more money rather than deplete its reserve. The city, like any family, should look for "unconventional ways" to address the crisis, he said.

"If I'm facing hard times . . . I'm going to go to my uncles. I'm going to go to my aunt. I'm going to ask them to borrow money," Huizar said. "But I'm going to tell them: 'You know, I've got this '67 Chevy. I could sell it a year from now and maybe I'll pay you back with that.' "

"Can we do anything like that?" he asked the city's budget advisors." He was basically told, uhh, no. Meanwhile, free of charge, please revisit Curbed's unconventional ideas for generating revenue for our broke city, a list which includes suggestions such as supergraphics on City Hall, selling off pieces of the Valley, and turning our zoo animals loose. Who wants to buy a famous alligator? Via Abby Senior
· Some L.A. Council members resist spending cuts, layoffs [LA Times]