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Doppler: Giant Blue Blobs Bypass Los Angeles

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The Source reports that Los Angeles County received no federal funding dollars under a New Starts program geared towards transportation projects, a blow since Los Angeles had been hoping for money for the Westside Subway Extension and Downtown Regional Connector projects. It sounds like LA's projects just didn't qualify. Sob. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. More: "The county did receive its last installment of nearly $500 million in New Starts money last year to help pay for the Eastside Gold Line, which opened in November. In fairness to the feds, it can also be argued that Metro may have received subway and connector funds this year if the planning process for both had started earlier than 2007 and the projects were farther along."
· Where federal New Starts dollars are going in FY 2011 — hint, it’s not Los Angeles County [The Source]