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All Your Possible Industry NFL Team Questions Answered

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Yesterday Los Angeles Times’ sports writer Sam Farmer ran a tidy Q and A—with himself--to answer questions about the chances a NFL team will actually play ball in Majestic’s planned stadium in Industry. Various issue complicate landing a team, and the current NFL labor dispute makes the “L.A. situation is at best a back-burner issue for a league focused squarely on labor negotiations," according to Farmer. In terms of poaching another team, “the relocation piece could take years, “ and involve “inevitable legal challenges from the jilted city.” Additionally, the "NFL is going to bide its time with this decision. If the league has shown anything in its dealings with L.A., it's that it won't be pressured to act." But could it happen? "Yes. And at some point it will, whether it's this stadium concept or another." Meanwhile, in terms of an overall business plan, Majestic isn’t, in fact, just looking to put up a stadium and give it to a team. “In fact, what [developer Ed Roski] wants to do is hand over the land and the entitlements to build a stadium, and be rewarded with an equity share in a team. Then it would be up to the team and the NFL to privately finance the stadium.” And back to terms of what team would most be likely to willing relocate: San Diego Chargers, according to Farmer.
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