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More Images of Thom Mayne's Emerson College Project

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Some sort of courtyard craziness inside the building
The final environmental impact report for the proposed Emerson College project in Hollywood, architect Thom Mayne's mini-campus at Sunset and Gordon, has been released. The excitement of this report is two-fold: With the days of sexy renderings long gone, the report includes two new images. Both are admittedly sort of meager-looking, but let's take 'em. Secondly, the report includes all the public comments to the city planners, and notably, included in the comment section is a 46-page fax from prominent land use attorney Robert Silverstein. Silverstein is representing East West Studios at 6000 Sunset Blvd, the studio that initially voiced concerns about the 10-story building (well, "concerns" may be putting it mildly; "If it comes down to it, we’ll fight them in court,” Doug Rogers, owner of East-West Studios, said last September.) Silverstein's letter to the city asks more questions about the project, particularly about noise and construction, among other things. Silverstein is the go-to guy for anyone looking to sue over development (and he's been pretty active in Hollywood). Whether all the issues will be worked out or whether this will come to some legal messiness remains to be seen.

As a reminder, the project is a proposed 10 story mixed use trade school, with 6,400 sf of ground floor retail and four levels of parking in a multi-level parking structure, including three levels of subterranean parking with some parking spaces located at grade level.

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Emerson College Los Angeles

5960 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028