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Downtown Mural Not Being Removed, Everyone Was Fooled*

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Emmeric Konrad's art, as seen from the inside of the Down and Out bar
Some downtowners are upset that local artist Emmeric Konrad's window mural at the Down and Out bar is set to be removed today by the city. Apparently someone complained about the mural, leading the city--which has various and complicated rules regarding window signage and graphics--to order it removed. Via Blogdowntown: "Konard, a 1992 Graduate of Otis Parsons School of Fine Arts, has been Downtown-based artist for over a decade and known for frantic male and female forms with crazed eyes and tight skirts––satirical grit made from caricatures of strangers." One local wrote in last night to Curbed saying a "protest" was planned in front of the mural, located at 501 S Spring Street. She writes: "The mural is set to be removed today, Thursday February 25th....people are gathering to protest...Please, please get the word out. Tell Angelenos so they know that not only are 'uncommissioned' public art works being torn down, but commissioned ones as well. Is this legal? Is this the city we want to live in? Is this the "vibrant art scene of Los Angeles?" Over at the Eastern Columbia, residents last year managed to rally and convince the city to hold off on removing the "artwork" covering the storefront windows in the building. Meanwhile, what are the merits of this mural? Is this some sort of R. Crumb-like work, or is this just hideous? Blogdowntown has another angle of the piece.* UPDATE: It turns out this was some sort of either 1. Misunderstanding or 2. Hoax. The mural isn't coming down, nor did anyone order it removed. See this article.
· Spring Street Mural To Be Down and Out [Blogdowntown]