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Studio Shift to Make a Beach in the Middle of China

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Images via Studio Shift

Culver City's Studio Shift has just finished the concept phase of the Anning River Aquatic Recreation Resort for Miyi, China in Sichuan Province, the centerpiece of which, as you can see, is a big swimming lagoon and beach. The lagoon is carved out of land next to the Anning River and the goal is to fill it primarily with water recycled from that river and the local rainwater. The resort will also have retail space on the eastern edge and 80 residential rental units and six "special suites" on the southern edge, along with indoor and outdoor pools, spas, a restaurant, and a parking garage with a landscape roof. For those who love the archispeak, here's what Studio Shift has to say about it: "The Center immediately strives to connect to all adjacent public infrastructures by bringing the riverfront promenade and the pedestrian movement alongside the hydroelectric dam directly into the lobby. This circulation system which penetrates the building at the upper level forms the connective tissue linking the disparate program elements and site edges, ultimately, delineating the overall programmatic organization of the structure." According to ArchDaily, completion is expected in spring 2013.
· Anning River Aquatic Recreation Resort [Studio Shift]

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