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Just a Bad Dream: Tuna Pizza Project to Get Fresh Start

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The Pasadena Star News provides an update on the exciting Tuna Pizza scandal, that story out of Temple City that saw developer Randy Wang allege that city officials shook him down in return for approval of his project, called the Piazza (and nicknamed Tuna Pizza by yours truly). While some officials await trial, everyone has agreed to just start over when it comes to approval of the project. Yeah, some work for the city! Via the paper: "The settlement with Randy Wang would void the developer's agreement and owner participation agreement related to his still un-built Piazza mall project - in effect turning back the clock to 2005. "What happens is we all pretend it never happened," Wang's attorney Patrick Duffy said." Later he tells the paper: "The next step is just to develop the project in the ordinary course of business between Mr. Wang and the city."
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