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It's Nuch Vs. Punxsutawney Phil in Supergraphic Battle

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Covering yesterday's billboard legal challenge by City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich's office, the Daily News provides some history on the backers of World Wide Rush, one of the sign companies named in the suit. Meet Barry and Leslye Rush, "supergraphic moguls" who reside in the lovely-sounding vilage of Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. To find out more about the area, and more importantly to find out if there are any supergraphics near the Rushes, the paper---in a bit of awesomeness-- calls up some woman named Pat, who works the front desk at the Doylestown Inn in Doylestown, PA. Apparently, Pat doesn't want to give her last name, probably because she knows those evil Rushes would chew off her face. Via the paper: "The Rushes are headquartered in Bucks County, Pa. - famous for its covered bridges, rustic barns and 18th-century landmarks.

Residents of Doylestown, the county seat, say they've never seen any of the supergraphics hurled from their bucolic midst. "The township kind of frowns on that kind of thing," said, Pat, a clerk at the century-old Doylestown Inn in the quaint village of 8,000. "They are very strict about its signs, (and) so are a lot of villages. "I can't imagine they could get away from it here. They had to go to Los Angeles to do it."

And, as noted in linkage, the Los Angeles Times reports that a lawyer for World Wide Rush argues that a 2008 court injunction protects ten of the 12 locations named in yesterday's lawsuit, while reps for the city say the latest lawsuit does not conflict with that 2008 decision. So, basically, it's sounding like another legal snowball will be gathering on this one. Nevertheless, go, Nuch, go! Punxsutawney, PA is nowhere near Washington Crossing, PA, by the way. Image via Bullerdick
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