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Hollywood Hills Garagemahal is Finished, Now You Can Judge

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Today everyone learns an important lesson about pre-judging. A reader tipped us off that Garagemahal, started in 2006 and believed by outraged neighbors at the time to be a parking structure, is finally complete. First the backstory: This was basically a never-ending construction site on Doheny, right above Sunset, and since neighbors though a fancy parking garage was going up, the Taj Mahal-inspired name "Garagemahal" was born. Well, if it is a garage, it's a pretty elaborate one. All kinds of permits have been issued for this property, according to the Department of Building and Safety's property activity website, including one for a two story addition with a garage issued in 2001 and one for a "New 2-story single family dwelling with attach 5-car garage" issued in 2005. So who knows what wacky permitting saga led to this mis-named Garagemahal of the Hollywood Hills. All we know is that that gate looks like a good place to store the heads of your enemies.
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1150 N. Doheny Dr., Los Angeles, CA