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East Orange Couple Headed to Court Over Non-Grassy Lawn

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Tough place, the OC. The Orange County Register reports that Quan Ha and his wife, Angelina, who removed the grass on their home to save monthly watering costs and for environmental reasons (they didn't want to use pesticides) are now facing jail time. According to Ha, a violation notice about the yard first came in 2008 after he removed the grass. According to the paper, city law dictates that at least 40 percent of a home's front property needs to be landscaped. In response to the notice, Ha added wood chips to the lawn, but city officials say the wood chips don't constitute landscaping, so a complaint was filed. Then the couple missed the date to file paperwork on how they would address the appearance issue of their lawn, so the city filed court papers. Everyone will face each other in court on March 2nd. "[Wayne Winthers, an assistant city attorney] said the goal of taking the Ha family to court is to get them to come into compliance with city law. The maximum penalty, if the Ha family is found guilty of a misdemeanor, is up to six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine." This is the same City Attorney who was portrayed unfavorably in a OC Weekly story for his prosecution of a 77-year-old woman living on social security for building code violations. Meanwhile, Costa Mesa also went after a homeowner for his dirt lawn. Woodchucked lawn via OC Register
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