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Lawsuit Against Expo Phase II Expected Any Minute

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Those opposing the second line of the Expo Line--which'll go from Culver City to Santa Monica-- are facing a deadline of March 6th to file a lawsuit against the transit line's recently certified environmental impact report. But don't think Westside homeowners against the above-ground line will let that date slip by, according to Streetsblog. At a "West of Westwood Homeowner's Association" meeting last week, 250 attendees were urged to give money for a lawsuit and to knock on doors and ask neighbors to coffee in an effort to enlist their opposition to Expo. Streetsblog says that the WWHA is affiliated with Neighbors for Smart Rail, a group demanding Expo II be put completely underground--an option Metro says is too cost-prohibitive to be realistic. Regardless, at last week's meeting, WWHA promised that their lawsuit would be filed "soon." [Image of Expo right-of-way through Cheviot Hills via Friends4Expo]
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