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Metro's Great Congestion Pricing Plan May Be Pushed Back

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Via the Source/John Mariani
The Source reports that the congestion pricing plan to convert carpool lanes to toll lanes on parts of the 10 and 110 freeways may be pushed back till to 2012, a move that comes after "Metro staff said more time is needed and one big reason is the desire to make some freeway improvements so that the congestion pricing lanes will be more effective. The U.S. Department of Transportation has sent Metro a letter approving of the time extension..." The Source also revisits the issue of congestion pricing, and why or why not you may or may not like the idea. We like picturing tweed-wearing academics getting behind the pricing plan.

"The thinking [behind congestion pricing] that adding the toll lanes — commonly called “HOT” lanes — may pull some traffic from the regular lanes, give people a chance to quicken their commutes, provide a chance to add more bus and vanpool service and also raise money for transportation improvements...

In academic circles, the idea of congestion pricing is very popular because it embraces a demand-and-supply approach to managing roads. How popular it is with taxpayers here who use the freeways, of course, remains to be seen although HOT lanes seem to work elsewhere (such as the 91 between the OC and Riverside counties). For you wonks out there, here’s an interesting 2007 paper written by three UCLA researchers that examines some of the politics of congestion pricing." A decision on delaying the plan will come later this week, according to the Source.
· Congestion pricing project may be delayed [The Source]