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Beverly Hills Official Defends Proposed Glass Art Piece

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The Beverly Hills Weekly sits down with BH's incoming Fine Art Commission Chair, Curt Shepard, and asks him questions on a proposed art installation some people seem to be picking on. The $300,000 piece, to be paid by the city's art fund, would be by glass sculpture artist Dan Graham and would be placed at Rexford and Alpine at Beverly Gardens Park (near Santa Monica Boulevard). The Beverly Hills Courier describes the piece as a pavilion consisting of a stainless steel frame with a curved 2-way mirror glass that measures 90 1/2” x 276 3/8” x 150 3/4. According to the Courier, local philanthropist Robert Anderson hates the idea of placing a big piece of art in the green space and is making a stink. In the Weekly, Shepard admits there are community concerns over safety, but that Brown's pieces are "virtually unbreakable." The parks commission just approved the artwork, Graham's first public commission in the U.S., at its last meeting, and Shepard tries to assuage fears by saying the project will be "engineered like a work of architecture, so it's going to [be] very solid and immovable. We'll have every possible safety and engineering code covered and accounted for." [Image of one of Graham's sculptures, this one at the Mass. Institute of Technology via MIT]
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