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Nice Project Coming to Echo Park? Malibu Beach Tour*

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ECHO PARK: Here's your Echo Park land value check. Next week, let's do Brentwood! A reader writes in: "This recent sale for an entitled parcel in Echo Park was listed as having been sold in Jan. 2010 by Loopnet. They have 7 photos of the approved plans. It is a nice project and a decent deal for 200k. The completed unit will be a duplex two single lot homes. (Update: See developer's comments below in comment section; headline updated.) " We can't confirm the $200,000 sale price, but can tell you the address is 1124 Echo Park Ave, and it looks like the listing is still up, and that the land was pricechopped. [Curbed InBox]

MALIBU: Malibu is confusing. There's the parking lot that is the Pacific Coast Highway, but where are the beaches? Where's David Geffen? Check out this Malibu beach tour going on this Saturday. Pitch: "Are you tired of Zuma and Surfrider? Want to find and use the the 20 miles of public beaches that are lined with private development? Our safaris will equip you with the advanced skills necessary to find and use the Malibu public beaches legally and safely. Activities include signwatching, trailblazing the public-private boundary, and a public easement potluck." Public easement potluck! More. Via For Your Art. [For Your Art]