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How Many Billboards? Asks If Billboards Are Better as Actual Art

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[Images by Gerard Smulevich via How Many Billboards?]

A bad economy does strange things to a city, like gives residents the opportunity to find out if billboards are more palatable when they have art--rather than lap band images--on them. The MAK Center for Art and Architecture has just launched How Many Billboards? Art in Stead, and by the end of the week 21 billboards around the city will display new works by artists including Kenneth Anger, Allen Ruppersberg, and Kerry Tribe. At a preview tour last night organized by Design East of La Brea, MAK Center director Kimberli Meyer said the project was made possible by the economy, which tanked advertising sales. With all the empty space, billboard companies agreed to donate the use of the signs. How Many Billboards? will be up through March, with bus tours this weekend and on March 6. The project website also has a handy map if you want to plan your own tour.
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