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Hanks and Wilson Lay Down $26 Million in Pacific Palisades

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In yet another story trying to pin down the biggest home sale of 2009, the LA Times reports that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (no, that headline is not a Cast Away joke) have set an early benchmark in the 2010 contest. Last month they bought New York-based Gwathmey Siegel & Associates' San Onofre Residence in Pacific Palisades, from producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, for more than $26 million. Real Estalker sniffed out the deal even before closing. The 1996 house has four bedrooms and five bathrooms in 14,500 square feet, with living areas in a two-level limestone pavilion and "support space" in a three-story cube, according to Gwathmey Siegel.
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