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Lowenthal Defends Parking Reform Bill

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Senator Alan Lowenthal's (D-Long Beach) SB 518, a bill that looks to reform parking rules, passed through the Senate last week, but now Lowenthal is in the position of defending his proposal against the mobs who insist the bill would get rid of free parking, reports the Press-Telegram. "Talk radio hosts, bloggers and editorial pages took aim at the Long Beach Democrat, arguing that his Senate Bill 518 seeks to ban free parking in California. Not true, the senator said.... The parking bill argues primarily for voluntary programs that encourage cities and counties to work with businesses on ways to reduce the number of required parking spaces found in municipal codes. 'It really just says, 'Look at your regulatory frameworks,' Lowenthal said. 'Maybe there are other options, other tools in the tool box, sometimes, not always, that would work better.'" Lowenthal introduced the legislation last March.
· Alan Lowenthal says bill doesn't ban free parking [PT]